The meeting will take place online on Thursday (March 24th) and Friday (March 25th) 2022 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. All times are in California Time (PDT). Program for Poster sessions can be found here and here.

Thursday March 24th

8:30 AM (Pacific Time)Welcome to the Western Photosynthesis Conference 2022Jan Kern, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Silvia Ramundo, Gregor Mendel Institute
Session 1: New Frontiers and Methods for Photosynthesis ResearchChair: Jennifer Johnson, Carnegie Institution for Science
8:45 A Pan-Plant Protein Complex Map Reveals Deep Conservation and Novel AssembliesClaire McWhite, Princeton University
9:05Functional Reconstitution of a Bacterial CO2 Concentrating Mechanism in E. coliAvi Flamholz, California Institute of Technology
9:20 Xanthophyll-Cycle Based Model for Rapid PhotoprotectionAudrey Short, University of California, Berkeley
9:35Structural Dynamics of the Water and Proton Channels in Photosystem II during the S2->S3 TransitionPhilipp Simon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Session 2: Electron Transport and BioenergyChair: Helmut Kirchhoff, Washington State University
9:50Light-driven Electron Transport in HeliobacteriaKevin Redding, Arizona State University
10:10Coffee Break (20 min)
10:30Energetic Robustness to Large Scale Structural Dynamics in a Photosynthetic SupercomplexDvir Harris, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
10:50Design Principles of Photosystem II Acclimated to Absorb Far-Red LightChristopher Gisriel, Yale University
11:05The Algal CO2 Concentrating Mechanism is Driven by Alternative Electron Pathways of PhotosynthesisAdrien Burlacot, Carnegie Institution for Science
11:20LHCII Protein Phosphorylation as a Plant Stress Indicator – Is State Transition Always Beneficial?Malgorzata Krysiak, University of Warsaw
11:35Single-Photon Studies of Photosynthetic Light HarvestingQuanwei Li, University of California, Berkeley
Session 3: Chloroplast Structure and FunctionChair: Jesse Woodson, University of Arizona
11:55Systematic Characterization of Genes Required for PhotosynthesisMoshe Kafri, Princeton University
12:10 PMLunch Break (45 min)
12:55Poster Blitz (15 min)
1:10Poster Session
(Presenters with surname A – L)
2:35Break (15 min)
Session 3: Chloroplast Structure and Function (continued)
2:50A Dual-Function Chaperone Coordinates Biogenesis of the Light Harvesting ComplexShu-ou Shan, California Institute of Technology
3:10Green algal septin associates with evolutionarily related components of the chloroplast transloconSamed Delic, Duke University
3:25Role of Ion Transporters in Thylakoid Architecture Dynamics in Plant TissueRoma Mukhopadhyaya, Washington State University
3:40Life Cycle of a Thylakoid MembraneJeffrey Cameron, University of Colorado, Boulder


Keynote Talk: What are the Prospects for Measuring Photosynthesis from Space?
Joe Berry, Carnegie Institution for Science

Friday March 25th

8:30 AM (Pacific Time)Keynote Talk: Evolution and evolvability of Photosystem IITanai Cardona, Imperial College London
Session 2: Electron Transport and Bioenergy(continued)Chair: Helmut Kirchhoff, Washington State University
9:00 Structure and Function of the CO2 Uptake NDH-1 Complexes in CyanobacteriaRobert Burnap, Oklahoma State University
9:20Kinetic Properties of Phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxylase and Its Role in Driving PhotosynthesisAsaph Cousins, Washington State University
Session 4: Photoprotection and Stress ResponseChair: Setsuko Wakao, University of California, Berkeley
9:40Light Acclimation Interacts with Thylakoid Ion Transport to Govern the Dynamics of Photosynthesis in ArabidopsisThekla Von Bismarck, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology
9:55Transcriptional Regulation of Photoprotection in Dark-to-Light Transition – More Than Just a Matter of Light –Petra Redekop, Carnegie Institution for Science
10:15Coffee Break (20 minutes)
10:35Understanding Mechanisms of Thermal Adaptation in a Desert Extremophile Tidestromia OblongifoliaSue Rhee, Carnegie Institution for Science
10:55MEcPP Initiates Stress Signal Transduction from Plastid to NucleusJin-Zheng Wang, University of California, Riverside
11:10Photosynthesis Dynamics under Moderate and Acute High Temperatures in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiRu Zhang, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
11:30Autophagosome Formation is Dispensable to Chloroplast Singlet Oxygen-Mediated Cell Death in Arabidopsis Fc2 MutantMatthew Lemke, University of Arizona, Tucson
11:45Identifying the Genes Responsible for NPQ reversal in Phaeodactylum tricornutumMaxwell Ware, Colorado State University
12:00 PMLunch Break (45 min)
12:45Poster Blitz (15 min)
1:05Poster Session
(Presenters with surname M – Z)
Session 3: Chloroplast Structure and Function (continued)Chair: Jesse Woodson, University of Arizona
2:35Structural-Function Chloroplast Strategies to Assure Death or Survival in a Biotic or Abiotic StressMarina Gavillanes-Ruiz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
2:55Kinetics and Targeting of Vipp1 Aggregation in CyanobacteriaColin Gates, Loyola University Chicago
Session 1: New Frontiers and Methods for Photosynthesis Research (continued)Chair: Jennifer Johnson, Carnegie Institution for Science
3:10Photosynthetic and Foliar Phenotypic Plasticity Reflects Adaptation to Different Levels of Environmental VariabilityWilliam Adams III, University of Colorado, Boulder
3:25Shedding Light on the Dimeric Nature of the Primary Acceptor in Photosystem IMichael Gorka, The Pennsylvania State University
3:40Quieting a Noisy Light Harvesting AntennaNathaniel Gabor, University of California, Riverside
4:00Break (15 min)
4:15Announcement of Awards for Best Oral and Poster Presentations, and Concluding RemarksJan Kern, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Silvia Ramundo, Gregor Mendel Institute