Poster Session 1 – Thursday

SurnameNamePoster #EmailTitle of the Abstract
AvramonAnton1antony.avramov@okstate.eduPerturbations at the High Affinity Site (HAS) of Photosystem II: Does HAS Actually Bind Mn2+?
CarpenterWilliam3wcarpent@stanford.eduRatiometric Sensing of Redox Environments Inside Individual Carboxysomes Trapped in Solution
ChatterjeeRuchira5 rchatterjee@lbl.govInvestigating the Structural Dynamics of the Water and Proton Channels Using Snapshots of Photosystem II
DoyleMargaret7mddoyle@lbl.govExploring Water and Hydrogen-Bond Dynamics in Photosystem II by Molecular Simulation
EscobarJorge9escobaj@miamioh.eduInsight into the Internal Points of Contacts of Thylakoid Membrane-Bound Proteins, cpTatC, Hcf106 and Tha4 in the cpTAT Protein Translocon
GorskiChris11cgorski@asu.eduThe Structure of the Physcomitrium Patens Photosystem IReveals a Unique LhcA2 Paralog Replacing LhcA4
HuangWeichao13whuang@carnegiescience.eduSubcellular Metabolic Shuttling and Redox Balance is Dependent on Triose-Phosphate/Phosphate translocator3 (TPT3) in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
IwaiMasakazu15miwai@lbl.govMacroscale Structural Changes of Thylakoid Architecture during High Light Acclimation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
JohnsonJennifer17jjohnson@carnegiescience.eduThe Limits and Regulation of Steady-State Photosynthesis in Terrestrial Plants
LiMeng19limco2@uw.eduExtracellular Carbonic Anhydrase Supports Constitutive HCO3Uptake in Fragilariopsis Cylindrus Regardless of Temperature Changes
LiXiang21xiangli4@lbl.govX-Ray Spectroscopy Techniques for Investigating the Interface of Photocatalytic CO2RR
LemkeMatthew23matthewlemke@email.arizona.eduAutophagosome Formation is Dispensable to Chloroplast Singlet Oxygen-Mediated Cell Death in the Arabidopsis thaliana plastid ferrochelatase twoMutant